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Patamon Adventure Tri Desktop by LordPatamon Patamon Adventure Tri Desktop :iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 9 16 Mi Gatita (My Kitty) by LordPatamon Mi Gatita (My Kitty) :iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 12 28 My MagnaAngemon on GDMO by LordPatamon My MagnaAngemon on GDMO :iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 12 55
Rebuilding a Broken Heart Ch.5
Rebuilding a Broken Heart
Chapter 5: Of Shocks and Break ups
Around 2 hours later Gatomon woke up, she found herself cuddled by Patamon from behind, one of his tiny arms holding her close as she could feel his soft breath where her neck connect with her shoulder, she purred as she couldn't help but smile and blush slightly, she remembered what they just did hours ago and sighed happily, it was the best moment of her life.
She remembered she had to return home, Kari must be really worried about her, she was about to get up when a wing wrapped around her gently as she could feel a soft kiss on her neck making her purr and moan softly.
"Going anywhere kitty?" Patamon whispered in her ear as his paws reached for her furry chest and massaged it lovingly making her shudder in pleasure and giggle.
"Pata, you know we should have been back with TK and Kari since a good while, Kari must be worried," Gatomon said softly as she turned to face him just to be caught in a soft kiss. She returned the
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Mature content
Rebuilding a Broken Heart Ch.4 :iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 10 21
Rebuilding a Broken Heart Ch.3
Rebuilding a Broken Heart
Chapter 3: Flashbacks and Discoveries.

"No wonder why you armor digivolve to Pegasusmon, you sure make a good horse Patamon," Gatomon said with a giggle. She was mounting Patamon who offered to take her to his camp so they could rest. Patamon chuckled upon hearing her.
"Glad Milady is enjoying the ride, we will arrive to our destination in few minutes," He said sounding like a medieval servant of a court making her laugh and he laughed as well.
After a bit more of walking they arrived to Patamon's mini camp. It wasn't too much, just a small area with a log and a small place for a fire, besides the log there was a small backpack and a small river ran near the site. Gatomon smiled seeing the small camp.
"You sure came really prepared, seems you have been learning new things huh?" she said as Patamon smiled and stopped besides the log and lay down and she got off him and sat on the log.
"Well I have some free time lately so I decided to put it on use," he
:iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 16 3
Rebuilding a Broken Heart Ch.2
Rebuilding a Broken Heart
Chapter 2
Of old enemies and reflections
The next day Gatomon headed to the Ishida household, ever since they defeated MaloMyotismon the digimon got accepted in the real world so there was no need to hide now. As she made her way to TK and Matt's house she was thinking about Patamon, she did noticed him down, the way he told her that she now was fuller of life ever since she started to date Veemon got pretty engraved on her heart and memory, not because he was right about that but because of the way his voice sounded when he said that. She could detect sadness on his voice.
At first she thought that maybe it was just something temporary but when she and Veemon returned from their walk and she saw Patamon wasn't there she realized that there was more about him she didn't knew. She knew Patamon literally was inseparable of TK, as much as she was of Kari, so if he decided to return home later on his own it surely meant he needed time alone to
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New Desktop PataGato Family by LordPatamon New Desktop PataGato Family :iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 49 69
Rebuilding a Broken Heart Ch.1
Rebuilding a Broken Heart
Chapter 1: Of Overprotective Brothers
Is the year 2007, 5 years after the end of MaloMyotismon, it was February 5, 9 days before Valentine's Day and the digidestined were at the park talking about the Valentine's Day party they're planning. The party will be held on TK and Matt's house. They are living together again since their parents remarried about 2 years ago.
"Okay guys and girls, Matt and TK are providing the house and Matt also the music, the rest of us can provide the food and we need a lot since some humans and mons can eat for more than one," Sora said glancing at Tai, Davis, Agumon and Veemon making the others stiffen a laugh.
"Hey! I can control myself if I want to," Tai defended himself and Mimi giggled.
"Yeah hon but that isn't too often," she said and then leaned close enough so her mouth was closer to his ear.
"Mostly when we make out tiger," she whispered seductively and loud enough for everyone else to hear and whistle making T
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Gatomon's Xmas' Surprise by LordPatamon Gatomon's Xmas' Surprise :iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 24 57 PataGato Windows 7 Desktop by LordPatamon PataGato Windows 7 Desktop :iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 12 39 Super Mario Bros Mail Art 2 by LordPatamon Super Mario Bros Mail Art 2 :iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 3 16 Super Mario Bros Mail Art 1 by LordPatamon Super Mario Bros Mail Art 1 :iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 3 16
My Work is Done
My Work is done
By Lord Pata.
It was August 1st, 2004. Another anniversary of when the first 8 Chosen went to the Digiworld for the first time.
The team reunited like every year to celebrate, but this year was different from the other ones. This year the team had a special guest celebrating with them. It was none other than Wizardmon who finally reborn after a long time of being gone.
Wizardmon reborn just a couple of months before, Gatomon couldn’t be happier. Her best friend and the love of her life returned to her and now he was living with her and Kari at the Kamiya apartment.
Today the team decided to have a picnic in the digiworld to celebrate their anniversary; everyone was having a lot of fun. TK and Kari were chatting, Davis and Ken were competing to see who could keep kicking a soccer ball without let it touch the ground longer, Tai was arguing with Matt about nothing important like they used to do it often. In short everyone was having fun on their own way.
Under a tree
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PataGato ID by LordPatamon PataGato ID :iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 4 24 What are you looking at? by LordPatamon What are you looking at? :iconlordpatamon:LordPatamon 12 26

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Journal of the Patamon #9: Nuevo proyecto PataGato

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2012, 1:25 PM
Asi es. Despues de haberlo estado pensando largo tiempo y luego de ver que cierto grupo PataGato en face estaba algo inactivo, decidí crear una pagina de comunidad PataGato en facebook. La pagina apenas la acabo de crear hace unas horas, por lo que apenas va despegando, pero estoy seguro que con su ayuda, la pagina tendra su buena actividad. Asi que fans PataGato pasen y diviertanse :)

La unica regla es no insultar a otras parejas ni personajes, sobretodo no insultar ni a Veemon ni al VeeGato. Hay que demostrar que podemos ser educados :)

Sin mas aqui esta el link a la pagina:

That's right. After thinking about it for some time now, and also, after seeing that certain PataGato group on facebook was kinda inactive lately, I decided to create a community page for PataGato on facebook. The page I barely created it a few hours ago, and thus it is barely waking up, but I'm sure that with your help the page will have a good activity. So all of you PataGato fans come in and have fun :)

The only rule is don't insult/bash other couples nor characters, mostly don't insult Veemon and VeeGato. Let's show that we can be polite and well behaved :)

So without anything else to say, here is the link to the page:

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MysticM Featured By Owner May 23, 2017
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Man! Long time no see you. About VGFuture, it recently died, not even the main site works now :(

The domain is expired :(

Good thing I had a backup of all of the site's files so I didn't lose anything.
MysticM Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017
Alas, it ran out of hope and light.

Pity, I would of got on board with Digimon .tri going on, givne from all Digimon series the original is my favourate.

And NRGmon, he never really had much to do other than the Digimon Rugrats comics. I've had quite the extensive story for NRGmon which I never got to use.
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